CHANEL FW18/19 新衣系列發佈!看看劉雯、木村拓哉女兒Koki等的穿搭!

CHANEL FW18/19 新衣系列發佈!看看劉雯、木村拓哉女兒Koki等的穿搭!

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By PopLady on 04 Jul 2018

一直以來,由老佛爺 Karl Lagerfeld 團隊精心打造的 Chanel 秀場景總是令人歷歷在目,難以忘記,作為一個 head creative director,這都是因為他獨特的時尚和創意眼光。近日 Chanel 的秋冬高級訂制系列在巴黎舉行,而品牌即將的秋冬衣服系列在今年9月開始便可在店鋪購買,不如先來看看各明星名人和 model 的 Chanel 穿搭法!

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在新季秀場上,作為 Chanel 歷史上第二位黑人 model 的蘇丹 model -- Adut Akech Bior,說道:"Cannot believe I just made history by being Chanel’s second black couture bride, this is one of my most proudest achievement!" (不能相信我成為品牌第二個黑人時裝新娘的歷史,這是我最驕傲的成就之一!)的確,作為完場 model 的她又是少有的黑人 model 之一,實在十分耀眼和出色,全都是老佛爺的獨特眼光!

@chanelofficial fall2018 haute couture bride closing the show!!! ??? Wow where do I even begin. After opening the last Chanel cruise show, I honestly didn’t think it could get any better but I was wrong because I just closed this one. There is no amount of words that can express what this moment means to me. The beauty of having a dream, is watching it come to life. Cannot believe I just made history by being Chanel’s second black couture bride, this is one of my most proudest achievement!!! @karllagerfeld @amandaharlech @aurelieduclos and the whole Chanel team thank you so much from the deepest bottom of my heart for once again believing in me. It was a life time honour being the chosen bride to close your beautiful show in the MOST breathtaking dress I have ever seen in my life. This was just a special moment that I will always remember and cherish for as long as I live. Thank you to everyone who has stuck by my side and continuously always supporting me. You guys really motivate me to thriving for my towards my dreams everyday. Knowing that I am an inspiration to someone is of the best feeling you could endure as a humanbeing. To the young girls and boys who look up to me I want you guys to know no matter who you are, where you come from or what you have, as long as you have a dream it is achievable as long as you put in hard work, give it your all, stay dedicated, determined and most importantly never give up because you will make that dream a reality at some point. Makeup by @tompecheux Hair by @sammcknight1 This is for the dream chasers! ❤️??✊??

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劉雯穿的藍系雪紡長裙是 Chanel Resort 2019 系列單品,十分優雅,而她一改常態,長裙不一定是配柔長的秀髮,而是一頭自然黑直髮示人!還配搭經典的 Chanel logo 長耳環和一雙銀亮面的 Mary Jane shoes,很有風格得來又不失典雅。

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Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying

Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying 這長長的名字看起來讓你一頭霧水,但其 Instagram 用上 @aokbab 的名字而她就是泰國電影《模犯生》中的資優女主角,現實中除了是演員還是 model 的她,擁有176cm的高挑身材,讓她輕影易駕馭背心露腰兩件套裝,配上白色平禮帽,而藍白色相間的衣服紋理盡顯水手風情。


木村拓哉的二女兒木村光希(Koki)甫出道已成為萬人焦點,可能因為是星二代的她,形象都是保持神秘,但近日還是公開地隨母親工藤靜香出席 Chanel 時裝秀,淡紫色的毛毛 one-piece 短裙,配上 Chanel logo 迷幻紫色的手袋,還有一雙珠光白的8孔 Dr. Martens 短靴。誰會想到年紀輕輕的她對 fashion 已相當有研究,且配搭還是型格十足!

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作為 Chanel 迷的你還是一如以往地對新品推出很有信心和期待吧!

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